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☦RCUT➃➃ Vapor Trails (Remixed) By Rush MP3, MP4 Download

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Looking to download Vapor Trails (Remixed) album online ? Released: May 14, 2002 , Rush launched Rock album Vapor Trails (Remixed).

Album has 13 Songs, 1 Hour 7 Minutes available to download or listen

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Album songs list:
One Little Victory 5:08

Ceiling Unlimited 5:28

Ghost Rider 5:40

Peaceable Kingdom 5:23

The Stars Look Down 4:28

How It Is 4:04

Vapor Trail 4:58

Secret Touch 6:34

Earthshine 5:37

Sweet Miracle 3:40

Nocturne 4:49

Freeze (Part IV of Fear) 6:21

Out of the Cradle 5:03


The excitement of a new Rush album in 2002—six years after 1996’s Test for Echo and its first since Neil Peart’s unfathomable family tragedies (the death of his teenage daughter and his wife within a year)—soon turned into the ultimate fan argument. The songs were the strongest in years, but the production and mastering was a mess—too digitally hot to handle, with a clipped sound that made listening an uncomfortable situation. How could you love an album with such obvious flaws? Finally, in 2013, Vapor Trails was remixed and remastered by David Bottrill—and a brilliant Rush album, guitar-heavy and unlike its '80s output, was fully realized. “One Little Victory” delivers as a comeback anthem, with “Ghost Rider,” the post-9/11 track “Peaceable Kingdom,” and the tuneful “Sweet Miracle” filling out an album that Rush fans knew was the sign of a refurbished, rejuvenated band. No more excuses or rationalizations. The real deal is here at last.
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