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✙MOB✟✟ Live 1969/70 - ALBUM 320Kbps ONLINE

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Looking to download Live 1969/70 album online ? Released: Aug 1, 1995, MC5 released Rock album Live 1969/70.

Album has 11 Songs, 46 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Kick Out the Jams (Live) 5:33

Born Under a Bad Sign (Live) 3:40

I Want You Right Now (Live) 6:10

Shakin' All Over (Live) 2:39

Ramblin' Rose (Live) 2:43

The Human Being Lawn Mower (Live) 2:41

Tonight (Live) 2:44

Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Live) 3:23

Teen-Age Lust (Live) 2:42

Shakin' Street (Live) 2:37

Starship / Kick Out the Jams / Black to Comm (Live) 11:51


Aside from 1969's epic Kick Out the Jams, this could be the next best live MC5 recording that’s legally available. As the title suggests, these 11 songs were cherry-picked from various performances during the end of the '60s and the dawn of the '70s. And from the one-two punch of the opening “Kick Out the Jams” to the nearly 12-minute epic closing medley “Starship/Kick Out the Jams/Back to Comm," these recordings illustrate how the band soundtracked the death of flower power and the birth of punk rock. These selections were sourced from three different shows, including a German TV performance, a 1969 concert at Detroit's Grande Ballroom, and a 1970 show in New York City. Somehow the murky fidelity is constant throughout. Yet when you hear this version of “Teen-Age Lust”—which eclipses the studio recording in energy and musicianship—it’s easy to look past the lo-fi tape hiss. Other notable gems include “Tonight” and an extra-punchy version of the soul-rock powerhouse “Shakin’ Street.”
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