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Looking to download Ingranaggi album online ? Released: Jun 23, 2017, Ivan Granatino released Indie Pop album Ingranaggi.

Album has 17 Songs, 1 Hour 6 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Io non posso 3:12

Napule allucca 3:18

Sempe 3:48

'A guagliona d'o core 3:25

Perdonami (feat. Bles) 3:12

Faciste peccato 4:06

Chapeau 3:16

L'addore forte d'o mare 4:19

Nun veco l'ora 3:06

Dimmi 2:51

Se vive à metà 3:41

Mai 3:05

Tu 3:15

My Dream 3:45

N'ammore e basta 2:53

Baby 3:53

Spuoglieme 10:59

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