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Looking to download 57th & 9th album online ? Released: Nov 11, 2016, Sting released Rock album 57th & 9th.

Album has 10 Songs, 37 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
I Can't Stop Thinking About You 3:30

50,000 4:17

Down, Down, Down 3:48

One Fine Day 3:14

Pretty Young Soldier 3:06

Petrol Head 3:32

Heading South On the Great North Road 3:18

If You Can't Love Me 4:34

Inshallah 4:56

The Empty Chair 2:49


Sting has a new leather jacket. His partial return to rock is both a throwback to The Police—“I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” in particular—and the result of his desire to have fun with rowdy guitars. This album is still mature and subtle, with Sting maintaining his whispery composure across the bouncy “One Fine Day” and uplifting chug of “50,000.” With the folk lament “The Empty Chair” and the ambient prayer “Inshallah,” he proves that, thankfully, a new coat does not a new Sting make.
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