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Album Legend (Deluxe) by Bob Marley Download Online ➙➆♙

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Looking to download Legend (Deluxe) album online ? Released: May 8, 1984, Bob Marley released Reggae album Legend (Deluxe).

Album has 29 Songs, 2 Hours 23 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Is This Love 3:50

No Woman, No Cry (Live Version) 7:09

Could You Be Loved 3:56

Three Little Birds 3:00

Buffalo Soldier 4:16

Get Up, Stand Up 3:17

Stir It Up 5:31

Easy Skanking 2:56

One Love / People Get Ready 2:51

I Shot the Sheriff 4:40

Waiting In Vain 4:16

Redemption Song 3:47

Satisfy My Soul 4:31

Exodus 7:40

Jamming 3:32

Punky Reggae Party (Long Version) 6:51

One Love / People Get Ready (Extended Version) 7:00

Waiting In Vain (1984 12" Mix) 5:56

Jamming (1984 12" Mix) 5:33

Three Little Birds (12" Mix) [Dub Version] 5:20

Could You Be Loved (12" Mix) 5:26

No Woman, No Cry (1980 12 Mix) 4:11

Coming In from the Cold (1984 12" Single) 5:42

Buffalo Soldier (1984 Mix) [Original US "Legend" Version] 5:25

Jamming (1984 Mix) [Original US "Legend" Version] 3:20

Waiting In Vain (1984 Mix) [Original US "Legend" Version] 4:12

Exodus (1984 12" Mix) 8:49

Lively Up Yourself (1984 Mix) 5:18

One Love / People Get Ready (Dub Version) [1984 12" Remix] 4:56


A global rise in reggae's popularity crested with this stellar compilation. It opens with the sunny "Is This Love" before stretching out a live version of the beautifully melancholy "No Woman No Cry." Legend also boasts three songs that were recorded by The Wailers' original lineup, back when Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh were in the band: "Stir It Up," "Get Up, Stand Up," and the outlaw hit "I Shot the Sheriff.”
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