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Album x by Ed Sheeran Download Online ✮HD✮

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Looking to download x album online ? Released: Jun 20, 2014 , Ed Sheeran launched Pop album x.

Album has 12 Songs, 50 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Album songs list:
One 4:12

I'm a Mess 4:04

Sing 3:55

Don't 3:39

Nina 3:45

Photograph 4:18

Bloodstream 5:00

Tenerife Sea 4:01

Runaway 3:25

The Man 4:10

Thinking Out Loud 4:41

Afire Love 5:14


The unassuming troubadour grows into a world-conquering pop phenomenon. X doesn’t deviate from debut +’s base formula but the results are bigger and bolder. On “Sing”, Pharrell Williams arrives to transform Sheeran into a tequila-slamming R&B lothario, while “Don’t’’’s punchy infidelity tale adds intriguing bitterness to his palate. It’s not all hormones and rage though—he’s an irresistible romantic on “Thinking Out Loud”, and at his most moving on “Afire Love”’s ode to his grandfather.
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