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Blood: Franz Ferdinand ONLINE LEAK AVAILABLE : 70aa1f116

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Looking to download Blood: Franz Ferdinand album online ? Released: Jun 2, 2009, Franz Ferdinand released Alternative album Blood: Franz Ferdinand.

Album has 12 Songs, 59 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Feel the Pressure 3:25

Die On the Floor 6:32

The Vaguest of Feeling 3:48

If I Can't Have You Then Nobody Can 3:51

Katherine Hit Me 3:41

Backwards On My Face 3:45

Feeling Kind of Anxious (Ulysses Dub Mix) 6:28

Feel the Envy 3:31

Be Afraid 3:03

No You Girls (Vince Clarke Remix) 5:04

No You Girls (Trentemøller Remix) 7:30

No You Girls (The Juan MacLean Remix) 8:31


Remix albums are often dubious affairs. Sure, they’re interesting, but are they necessary? For Scotland’s Franz Ferdinand, Blood, the band’s fourth album, alters the outcome of their previous album, Tonight, to the point that the songs deserve their new titles. This isn’t just a remix, but a reinvention of the group’s parameters. Often steeped in the echo of dub, Blood has a transcendent feel that takes the band out of their current pop-rock milieu and into an artsy landscape where their rhythms are sedated, the bass is deepened, and singer Alex Kapranos loses that hyper-yip for a hypnotic, otherworldly spell. “Katherine Hit Me” cruises with a slight nod towards pop — at least in comparison to the longer, drawn out exercises that form the second half of the album, beginning with the slow, spaced pace of “Backwards On My Face” (which was once allegedly the track “Twilight Omens”) and climaxing with the ethereal heavy dub pulse of “Feel the Envy” and “Be Afraid.” The overall weirdness is impressive. Franz Ferdinand clearly have no interest in having their style or sound pigeonholed.
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