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Looking to download Bring You Back album online ? Released: Aug 6, 2013, Brett Eldredge released Country album Bring You Back.

Album has 13 Songs, 45 Minutes available to download or listen

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Download here

Album songs list:
Tell Me Where To Park 2:57

Don't Ya 3:01

Bring You Back 3:11

On and On 3:08

Gotta Get There 3:23

One Mississippi 3:45

Beat of the Music 2:59

Waited Too Long 3:59

Mean To Me 3:48

Signs 3:53

Raymond 3:39

Go On Without Me 3:16

One Mississippi (Live from CMT "Listen Up") 4:10


Brett Eldredge's 2013 debut introduced a next-gen country artist who could play it straight or push the envelope with equal ease. The funky, poppy "On and On" operates on a syncopated groove that's hooky as all get-out, and "Gotta Get There" combines loose-limbed R&B rhythms with hip-hop-informed vocal phrasing. Yet the piano-led power ballad "Waited Too Long" and the randy twangfest "Tell Me Where to Park" suggest a strong influence from a previous generation of country boys.
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