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Ghammadt Einy LEAK - FULL ALBUM ONLINE ➂⛐❑

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Looking to download Ghammadt Einy album online ? Released: Nov 10, 2008, Ramy Sabry released World album Ghammadt Einy.

Album has 14 Songs, 55 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Fi Eih 3:30

Gowwaya Hat'eish 4:53

El Kalam Kolloh Aady 3:52

Kelma 4:08

Law Hatta Mesh Shayfek 4:38

Ma Balash 3:54

Faker Zaman 4:32

Wemnein 3:48

Bahess Beih 4:16

Agabetny 4:14

Nefsy A'raf 2:37

Dah Elly Bastannah 3:57

Ghammadt Einy 3:58

Bahebek Ya Omy 3:07

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