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Looking to download Changing Light album online ? Released: May 13, 2014, Mirah released Alternative album Changing Light.

Album has 10 Songs, 43 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Goat Shepherd 3:21

Oxen Hope 4:11

Turned the Heat Off 3:50

Gold Rush 5:20

Fleetfoot Ghost 4:13

I Am the Garden 4:43

No Direction Home 5:03

24th St 4:12

LC 3:04

Radiomind 5:10


Changing Light, Mirah’s fifth release, is her most elaborate and sophisticated yet. It’s a breakup album, so there’s an undercurrent of sadness and loss. But rather than rage and emote, she explores the range of accompanying emotions through nature imagery, extended metaphors, a broad palette of textures and tones, and some remarkable vocal performances. The sheer variety of the songs further helps get the point across. Assisted by a dozen guest musicians, including Mary Timony and members of Deerhoof and Mount Moriah, the arrangements feature guitars, horns, strings, synths, and drums; they range from gritty folk to indie rock to delicate chamber pop. "Oxen Hope" and "LC" are stripped-down and vulnerable, while "Fleetfoot Ghost" is a soft acoustic ballad centered on a fingerpicked guitar figure. Mirah gets moody and orchestral on "Gold Rush" and "No Direction Home," then veers to breezy pop for the hopeful closer, "Radiomind." "Goat Shepherd" and "I Am the Garden," two of the album's standouts, are dynamic, clattering, and dense. Changing Light is an emotional ride.
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