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[MP3 DOWNLOAD] There's Always Another Girl by Juliana Hatfield iTunes Free

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Looking to download There's Always Another Girl album online ? Released: Aug 30, 2011, Juliana Hatfield released Alternative album There's Always Another Girl.

Album has 14 Songs, 50 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Change the World 3:48

Taxicab 3:37

Don't Wanna Dance 3:17

There's Always Another Girl 3:37

Candy Wrappers 3:32

Someone Else's Problem 4:03

Sex and Drugs 3:18

Stray Kids 2:55

Failure 3:35

Vagabond 3:49

And Again 4:25

Batteries 3:32

Wasting Time 3:17

Thousands of Guitars 3:44


There’s Always Another Girl is a fan-funded album that Hatfield claims is “based loosely around the concept of failure.” It suggests Hatfield isn’t quite satisfied with her career. Like many alternative stars of the early ‘90s, she’s had to downscale over the past decade. It’s done her music a favor, since she’s rarely been in such sharp form. With Boston musicians Ed Valauskas and Pete Caldes, on bass and drums respectively, Hatfield’s sound is modest and yet perfectly suited to the tunes. “Someone Else’s Problem” marinates in the echo chamber. “Sex and Drugs” adds a trippy beat and crisp electric guitar. “Stray Kids” and “Vagabond” elicit country rock ghosts. “Thousands of Guitars” and “Don’t Wanna Dance” capture a bare Stones groove. “Candy Wrappers” uses rough harmonies and a wasted delivery that becomes even more pronounced on the song’s reprise as “And Again.” For someone who is apparently feeling down about herself, she’s made an emotionally true and melodically rich album.
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