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Looking to download The Pink Caves album online ? Released: Mar 7, 2014, Fenster released Indie Rock album The Pink Caves.

Album has 12 Songs, 42 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Better Days 3:14

Sunday Owls 3:48

In the Walls 4:13

Cat Emperor 3:39

True Love 3:33

The Light 3:10

Mirrors 4:05

Fireflies 1:37

On Repeat 3:13

Hit & Run 4:34

1982 4:11

Creatures 3:17


The big news here is how The Pink Caves was recorded. For their second album, the Berlin–to–New York ensemble Fenster wired up an East German cabin so it would pick up all the sounds in any room of the house. Joining the usual arsenal of guitars, keyboards, bass, and percussion are random sounds that can’t be traced to any one source, unless you’re an expert at discerning electronically enhanced door slams, ticking clocks, and water flows. This Brian Eno–like ambience has less an immediate effect on the tracks and more of an overall sense that sounds are more fungible than they seem. The songs and vocals of one JJ Weihl (a young lady whose voice conjures Mazzy Star and My Bloody Valentine, depending on the circumstances) determine the results of such reverb-heavy tunes as “Better Days,” “In the Walls,” “True Love," and “1982,” where Fenster capture a surprisingly tight groove.
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