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Zaman Adam By Waleed Al Shami MP3, MP4 Download

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Looking to download Zaman Adam album online ? , Waleed Al Shami released World album Zaman Adam.

Album has 16 Songs, 1 Hour 13 Minutes available to download or listen

Download here

Download here

Album songs list:
Akbaro 4:34

Yateemah 3:50

Ma Saalt 5:11

Ya Sahibi 5:13

Sabaa Dokhat 5:35

Khayal Afkar 5:17

Alaab Aleeh 3:39

Ana Mali 4:25

Ayni Jefaha 4:21

Lenaftaredh 3:34

Marad Eljarh 4:42

Wetesaalni 3:51

Harami 2:54

Zaman Adam 4:26

Wadheh Akthar 7:20

Sadmah 4:08


Iraq’s singer/songwriter firms up his status as a Khaleeji icon.
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